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Are you a lifecrafter?

Have you ever found yourself awake at night, staring at the ceiling asking yourself "what the hell am I doing with my life?" Maybe you've had the thought while stuck in traffic during your morning commute, or crammed into a subway car with barely any room to breath. Or maybe it's happened while sitting on a beach, reading a book, when you're supposed to be enjoying your vacation.

It's so frustrating to feel this way when in truth now is the greatest time to be alive. Technology enables us to instantly connect with people all around the world, we have access to information about anything we're interested in at the tips of our fingers, almost anything can be delivered straight to our door, and travel is more accessible than ever before.

At the same time social media generates tons of FOMO, we have thousands of "friends" but no one we feel we can really talk to, and things in real life feel like they never look as good as they did in the pictures. Add to that a job market that squeezes every last drop of "productivity" out of employees but seeks to minimizes benefits, skills training, and long term job security and it's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed!

So what can you do?

You need to become a Lifecrafter. 

A Lifecrafter steps back and asks the big questions: "why am I here?", "where am I going?", "who do I want to become?"

A Lifecrafter has taken the time to define clear long-term visions for all aspects of their life so they know that the goals they are pursuing are pointing them toward their dreams. 

A Lifecrafter builds the systems and habits that enable them to craft their own reality, not live someone else's.

Of course, no one accomplishes anything great without some help. That's why I'm building a training program for ambitious young (or young-at-heart) people who want to learn a system for crafting their dream life. Although the program is currently in private development right now, I'm making two workbooks available for free that will give you a fantastic starting point for your lifecrafting journey. You can download them right now by clicking here:

Grab a FREE workbook!

Life Areas Tune-Up

A guided reflection on how life is going in twelve key life areas

Quarterly Review

A reflection and planning process to complete every three months

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Who am I?

Hey there. My name is Orian Marx. I was raised by artist parents in New York City. I was more interested in business and techie things, so I ended up becoming a computer programmer. My work has ranged from a string of flops working on various startups in the social media space to a lot of successes doing user experience consulting and developing software prototypes for large finance companies, government agencies, and trendy clothing retailers.

What I've discovered along the way is that I really enjoy working on helping people discover their underlying goals, passions, and curiosities. I believe we all have lots of untapped potential and tons of great dreams that often feel like they are destined to remain just that. My goal is to help people unlock the doors to making those dreams reality through careful reflection, inspired planning, and lots of action!

Here are some of the things I love:

Going on an adventure!

After being let go from a tech startup in 2012 I decided it was time to take a break and travel Europe on my own for the first time. Since then I've been hooked on seeing the world. I love taking long road trips and discovering things off the beaten path, usually after making friends with a local.

Occasionally I will rappel down a waterfall in Bali.

Making the world a better place

I am actively expanding my knowledge of how to make real impact in the world through activism and philanthropy. I'm a founding co-chair of the Working Group on Futurism at NEXUS, a global organization that brings together next generation philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs. 


Helping individuals craft their dream life is my current professional focus. I love working with (and learning from) passionate, multi-interest individuals who are constantly seeking to improve themselves through reflection and exploration.


Taking pictures has been a passion of mine my entire adult life. When merged with travel, it's given me a whole new lens through which to see the world! (couldn't resist)

Unfortunately I don't have nearly as much passion for editing, so most of my work remains hidden offline - something I've set a high priority for myself to change.


Many years ago a "trad jazz" band from New Orleans spent a summer busking in my neighborhood park in New York City. From the moment I first heard them and saw the swing dancing couple that performed with them, I was hooked. 

Swing dancing is a hobby I never expected to pick up but it opened a whole new world of friendship, joy, and creativity for me. Almost a decade later it would also introduce me to my amazing wife!

Craft work

Although I'm the child of two sculptor/painter artists, I never had that much interest in creating art myself. In fact, I became a computer programmer.

What I did discover a passion for is the extraordinary craft work produced by artisans all over the world, using unique local styles and techniques. I particularly love masks, ceramics, metalwork, and textiles. I love seeking out pieces which demonstrate an extra level of craftsmanship - it was this idea that lead me to think of how we can seek to craft our own lives with expertise and thus become Lifecrafters!

Get the Art of Lifecrafting newsletter and regularly receive my best tips, tricks, and tools for creating your most awesome life!

No junk, promise.

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